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    Piece of German

    Day by Day guide to self-study the German Language


Free Day by Day guide to learn the German Language, courses from Absolute beginner to Advanced level ( A1 - C1 )

Language Certifications

Detailed Practical Preparation Tips from people who passed each exam

Career Opportunities

Find Career Opportunities that you can pursue after reaching a good level of the language, know the salary of each position, career path, and where to apply


Weekly Articles about Learning the language and staying motivated during the journey

Conversation Club

Connect with learners from the same language level, to enhance your learning experience


Please do not hesitate to share your Feedback with me, anything you think can be done in a better way? 

Something you can help me with? Even a Thank you message will mean a lot to me : ) 

About me: 

Ahmed Essam

I have always been passionate about learning languages, taught myself English and used it to work in a multi national company in Egypt. After seeing the career opportunities for german speakers, and the high demand in the market, I've decided to learn German. 

I've looked into all the available Resources on the internet about the learning German and what material to be used and made a plan to study the language by myself. 

After 9 Months and 6 Hours of daily study of the language, I managed to land a job as technical support Advisor in Sony Germany, and got also promoted to a Quality Coach.
In January 2021, I've got an Opportunity to work as Operations Manager with a German Company based in Leipzig. 

I do also some Freelancing as Process Development consultant for a German company in Frankfurt. 

Seeing the available opportunities from the beginning of the road, I've started documenting each week of my learning journey, every book I read, every Video I saw, and every children Story I read to improve my language. 

The goal was to publish these notes in a blog, if the journey turned out to be successful. Now, after 4 Years of using the language daily, I've decided to create this website to help all learners, to best of my knowledge, to learn the language in a practical and effective way. 

I've done the best I can, to make this website attractive to use, and used the Network I built over the past years to add extra features, such as Career Guide Hub, to make the website useful for all interested learners. 

I hope this website can help someone find his way to learn the language in an efficient way and transform his/her career. 

I am very open to suggestions or Ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have some. 

Best of Luck, it's really worth it : ) 


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